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Your purchase helps Patriotic Americans plant their flag.

Each time you purchase our products, you help us provide a flag at no cost to an American Patriot. You're not just helping them, but you're also helping two small American businesses. That's right. Your purchase is making an impact to three different entities. We purchase these flags from Allegiance Flag Supply and give them away to Patriotic Americans in our community. Our goal with this free flag movement is to fill the streets with high flying All-American made AND produced American flags all while helping this AMAZING All-American business and our fellow Patriotic Americans. Follow the #forge1776flaggiveaway movement on Facebook and Instagram!

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  • Family

    To make change in our community, we must first make change in our families. Our communitities are extensions of our homes. If our homes are flawed, so will be our communities.

  • Community

    As Patriots, we should always be faithful to our communities and help when we can. To make change in our countries, we must first make change in our community.

  • Freedom

    Freedom is both created and preserved by the familes and communities that value it. By bringing traditional American values back into American homes, we can, and will, ensure that freedom will prevail.